Our Story

The Nomad Square is a creative powerhouse that transforms concepts into captivating realities. As an experiential design agency, we thrive on pushing the boundaries of imagination. What sets us apart is our commitment to tell stories through design. We understand that every brand has a unique narrative, and we excel at weaving these stories into physical spaces that resonate with audiences.

Meet The Founders

Ayush Mani

Co-Founder, Marketing

Ayush is a versatile individual who possesses a wide range of abilities and expertise in various fields. As a marketing expert, Ayush recognizes the significance of meeting clients’ needs as they arise from necessity. He revels in helping people design spaces that strike the perfect balance between visual aesthetics and practical functionality. Ayush realizes that every brand and its products have their unique narrative to convey, and it’s essential to capture consumers’ interest through innovative spaces and cutting-edge technologies

Apoorv Pachori

Co-Founder, Principal Architect

Apoorv Pachori, the creative mind behind the firm, values information-driven design as the foundation of his creative process. With a background in architecture, Apoorv strives to bring a distinctive and innovative perspective to experiential space design, departing from the traditional emphasis on form. Apoorv uses his design expertise to enhance customer experiences by creating emotional connections through ambiance and storytelling and incorporating modern technologies for a contemporary touch.

What We Do

Experiential Space Design

Ranging from temporary works such as Events & Exhibition Stand Design, to works of permanent nature such as Museums & Experience centres.


Designing & building Commercial and residential spaces & Transforming existing spaces.

Experiential Technology

Developing immersive experiential technology solutions and designing content to transform the customer experience.

Brands We Work With